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Cash Branch is an alternative financial services provider specializing in short-term loans, check cashing, bill-pay, money transfers, pre-paid debit card, cash for gold and other money related services.

Who We Serve

We provide alternative financial services and assistance to individuals and businesses that would have difficulty receiving or choose not to receive these services from a traditional bank, credit union, or lending company. This includes but is not limited to individuals and businesses that have bad credit, no credit, no bank account, no savings, are not U.S. citizens, have limited access to emergency funds and/or working capital etc.. We’re perfect for:

Individuals who:

  • Don’t have a checking account and need to cash checks
  • Don’t have a savings account and are need of emergency funds
  • Need to transfer money in and out of the U.S.
  • Cannot write checks and need a money order instead
  • Need to pay bills with cash
  • Need help with tax preparation and/or disbursement
  • Have no credit, bad credit, or are not U.S. Citizens
  • In need of a Pay-day loan and/or Cash Advance
  • Need financing and/or payment plan for products or professional services
  • Need a short term or Installment Loan but wouldn’t be approved by a bank or lender
  • In need of a short-term loan to cover legal fees and/or attorney retainers
  • In need of a short-term collateral loan/sale I.e. Pawning, cash for gold, and/or title loans

Business that:

  • Haven’t been operating long enough to qualify for a business loan
  • Are in need of a working capital, collateral, and/or invoice loan
  • Are in need of a Merchant Cash Advance
  • Are not incorporated but need basic banking services I.e. money orders, payroll, direct deposit, bill pay, check cashing, tax preparation and other simple legal service etc.
  • Want to offer a financing program and/or payment plan to help customers pay for your products and/or services


2200 N. Hwy 157, Suite 216
Mansfield, TX 76063

(817) 473-7007


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